So I may have possibly previously mentioned a certain productivity-enhancing extension so you all know I’m Good for this, right, I know what I’m talking about, I got the goods, slyly opens trenchcoat

It’s 2014 and everyone’s talking about how they’re gonna make it their year - well HabitRPG is one of the best productivity tools I’ve ever used and it makes even the most difficult and laborious of tasks so much easier, and helps beat procrastination like nothing else I’ve ever used.

It’s free, so you might as well give it a try before you go back to school, college, or work!

I’ve been using this for…a month?  Ish?  It’s great.  I love it.  The ability to list something as a habit or a daily or a to-do (which all have their own category of “if I don’t do, do I lose HP?” and “does this recur?”) really allows you to customize your level of pressure.  Want to write 500 words a day and be punished if you don’t?  Make it a daily!  Want to just get happy fuzzies if you do it but not be punished if you’re too busy?  Make it a habit!  (Or, alternatively, make it a +/- habit, where you can also dock yourself for NOT doing it!)  Want to just GET THIS STORY DONE AT SOME POINT?  Make it a to-do!

I’ve tried a lot of the online productivity apps, and they all annoy me at one point or another.  Maybe I can’t move things around easily.  Maybe it’s not visual enough.  Maybe it’s TOO visual.  Maybe it doesn’t let me organize the way I want to.  Maybe it’s too complicated.  For instance, I often don’t want a calendaring or “importance” or date-setting feature (I can remember fine when things need to be done)…I just want a list of the crap I have to do that I can organize how I want!  HabitRPG really scratches this itch.  And the little pixel pets and mount system plus just omg ticky boxes! make me want to do things just so I can click off a lot of boxes.  This is my productivity nirvana.  Highly recommended!